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Action For Brain Injury Week: 20th to 26th May 2019


This week, at a time when around one million people visit A&E each year following a head injury, the national charity Headway are running a week-long campaign highlighting the common and often very debilitating symptom of fatigue.

Head injuries are often thought of as being silently disabling because unlike say, a broken leg, in most cases, often you cannot see a head injury.   Fortunately, the majority of people who suffer a head injury will experience no significant lasting effects. However, for some people, they will be left with on-going, sometimes life changing symptoms, which may include chronic fatigue.  These long lasting symptoms can have a catastrophic and life-changing impact, not only on the injured person, but also on their loved ones.


Shacklocks’ dedicated Personal Injury Team have over 20 years’ collective experience assisting people who have suffered devastating injuries including traumatic brain injuries.  We can also help if you have suffered as a result of a delay in diagnosis of a head injury.


We can help you to recover compensation for your physical and psychological injuries and also your out of pocket losses or expenses, which might include loss of earnings (including pension), costs of medication, rehabilitation and accommodation, care and assistance, travel expenses, costs of aids and equipment or adaptation to your home.


In addition to monetary compensation, here at Shacklocks, we recognise the importance of rehabilitation and assist clients from an early stage to access the rehabilitation they need, often securing funding for this from the opposing party. 

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury and would like advice about seeking compensation, assistance and rehabilitation, or if you are already pursuing a case and would like a second opinion, contact Louisa Winning, Head of Shacklocks’ dedicated Personal Injury team, on 01623 626141 or at to discuss how we may be able to help you.

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