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Shacklocks launches new Wills guide


Shacklocks are proud to unveil our new wills guide entitled 'My Future, My Will' which is available free of charge.

The colourful guide provides numerous examples of the circumstances and changes in life that can prompt the making of a will or the changing of the old will. 

Launching the guide Managing Partner Martin Fallows recommends the guide to clients and to new enquirers: "It's easy to think that by making a Will that's the end of the story. In fact making a Will should be the start of a process under which you review your Will every few years to make sure that it meets your current needs. 'My Future, My Will' gives lots of examples of the good and bad things in life like the birth of a child or grandchild or the diagnosis of an illness that should prompt us all to consider whether our Will is fit to do the job we require". For a free copy of the guide speak to Joyce on 0845 602 2344 or email Martin at 

 Don't delay in taking a look at the Guide; remember, later may be sooner than you think.