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Civil partnership breakdown

Sadly, as we know, some civil partnerships will inevitably break down and couples will go their separate ways. At such a difficult time it is important to have an early assessment of your legal and financial position from a professional who is both experienced and understanding and who is fully conversant with this complex area of law.

At the time of civil partnership breakdown there will be a number of important issues to be dealt with. It is extremely important that couples are assisted in reaching an agreement over the arrangements for any children, their future support and care and for negotiations to take place with a view to arranging a fair distribution of all assets.

Our specialists in relationship breakdown at Shacklocks deal only with this area of law. They are not general practitioners and they therefore devote all of their energies to helping people in relationships. They know the answers to the difficult questions and they are able to provide prompt and strong advice at a time when this is most needed.

If your civil partnership has broken down or if you believe that it is in danger of doing so please contact us at an early stage.

Who do I Contact?

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