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Making a claim to help those in care

For most of us challenging against authority can be a daunting and frightening prospect

Sometimes, however, we have to make a stand against authority where we believe unfairness, illegality or bad practice is involved. This might manifest itself in a number of ways.

Here are a few examples:

  • The NHS refuses to fund the care of a resident in a nursing home when their physical or mental condition dictate that they should be funded at the expense of the NHS.We have been able to secure substantial refunds of care fees charges wrongfully applied and can do so even where the person in care has subsequently passed away.Recent decisions have confirmed that many sufferers with Alzheimer's or other conditions of dementia can make successful claims of this kind depending uponthe severity of their mental and physical impairment.Take a look at the case studies in respect of some of our successful cases by clicking here:                                               Case Studies - NHS Challenges
  • Social Services departments of Local Authorities having carried out financial assessments on those being admitted into care without having applied rules and guidance correctly.
  • Professional bodies or their members having acted carelessly or in breach of their rules or in a way that has caused you financial loss.

These are just a few examples of cases where we can act as your champion in taking on the intimidating authoritative bodies to help to secure a just and fair result for you.