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Reducing Investment Risk

Many people in later life will reflect on an investment portfolio that has been assembled over a lengthy period of time (perhaps the whole of the working life time) without any overall plan or structure.

As a consequence investments can often have been structured for an approach to risk and an investment climate for a time gone by. When you are at or nearing retirement it is often a time to look with a fresh eye at the investment portfolio and to see how risk can be reduced and the portfolio given a better balance.

One of the earliest exercises that we carry out in our relationship with you as a client is to test your approach to risk and to see how this fits with your existing portfolio.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange for us to review your existing portfolio and to look at how your own approach to risk is reflected. We will then be able to discuss with you the steps that can be taken to reduce your exposure to risk at a time when preserving your assets may be even more crucial.