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Dealing with the formalities where capability has been lost

Sadly many of us or those close to us will lose mental capacity at some point. In those circumstances it is important to ensure that you have professional and experienced help at hand to assist you with the formalities associated with the management of the affairs of someone who has lost capacity.

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Since changes to the law where made in the Autumn of 2007 the whole field of Mental Health Law and the formalities associated with the notification of a loss of mental capacity have become much more complex. The procedures which were once much more user friendly are now more reflective of the formal court system and not in a format that will be readily digested by people who are not used to those formalities.

Dealing with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) is something with which we are very familiar and we have made an in-depth study of the current complex regulations to ensure that we can take our clients and their families through the procedural steps with a minimum delay fuss and expense at a time when strong professional guidance can often alleviate much of the suffering that is taking place within families.

To tap into our experience in this very difficult area of law please contact us to see how we can assist you.