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Protecting Your Business – Relationships with Third Parties

In industry there is a growing trend to outsourcing essential services previously dealt with in-house. Similarly you may have agreements with other third parties that may have the potential to go wrong or where misunderstandings could arise. Or you may have chosen alternative ways of managing your human resources. (Link here to item 7 of Employment Section)

What documentation regulates your relationship with your distributors? Who holds the upper hand in that relationship and is that position reflected in your contracts? Alternatively should the arrangement be on a fairer footing where there are no winners and losers? Are there any contracts at all?

Your business may need agents. Is there an agency agreement? Which law will provide if you are using overseas? Is there a legal territory or jurisdiction where you would prefer to resolve disputes if things go wrong? We can ask these questions when looking at your arrangements and suggest ways in which your protection can be strengthened