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Who will care for you in later life?

Many of us have a wish to retain our independence in later life as long as possible. This is particularly the case in relation to important topics such as where we live and who provides care for us.

By using Lasting Powers of Attorney we are able to put in place formal legal directions from you as to the way in which you receive care going forward. It might be for example that you would like to make special arrangements for your care in later life if you can no longer make your own decisions. You might for example have nominated individuals or a body of individuals that are willing to provide care for you that would be your preferred option as opposed to for example a local authority or social services. It might be that you have particularly strong views on the type of care that you do not wish to receive or the place in which you wish to receive it again this can all be fully documented to implement your wishes. One very important aspect of this relates to recent development in the Law that mean that in the absence of your making choices as to the people who will care for you a Court can impose that choice. That may well result in an outcome that would not have been the one that you had chosen. By using this process therefore you can ensure that it is your wishes that are respected rather than those being imposed by a third party.

If you have concerns about your care in later life please do not hesitate to ask us to show you how we can help you in preserving your dignity, having your wishes respected and providing certainty for those later years.

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