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Legal support through your remortgage

Whether or not we have arranged your mortgage application we provide a particular service to those clients who are carrying out a remortgaging of their home.

"You listened to my thoughts and wishes. Carefully explained things where necessary. I was satisfied that you had taken sufficient time to do a thorough job, without extending the time unnecessarily. Thank you very much."
Miss H. Alfreton

Usually any remortgage requires particular elements in the process: pace, pace and pace! Having concluded that you wish to remortgage the last thing you will want is to waste unnecessary time on legal formalities. Whilst of course we have to go through the formal requirements as required by your lender on your behalf we also take a practical view to remortgages and ensure that our dedicated team maintains an absolute commitment to the speedy delivery of completed remortgages at all times.

Please get in touch with us now if you are thinking of remortgaging and we will take you through both the legal and financial process that lies ahead of you.