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Lifetime mortgages and equity release

In later life many people in retirement find themselves in a position where they hold a valuable asset (their home) but may have insufficient income or capital to enable them to do all of the things that they might want to do.

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This might be a refurbishment of their home, the provision of help to their children or grand-children, helping grand-children through an expensive education process or simply to provide additional income to supplement pensions to ensure that they can maintain the standard of living that is suitable for their needs.

In these circumstances a lifetime mortgage might provide the solution.

A lifetime mortgage is a financial product under which money will be raised against your property to enable a lump sum to be created for you to use in a variety of ways.

We have access to expert advice within the firm to provide you with all the positive and negative aspects of lifetime mortgages to enable you to make an informed choice and whilst making sure you fully understand all of the risks.

If lifetime mortgages might be of interest to you or if you would like a second opinion on a lifetime mortgage that has been offered to you please contact us without delay.