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Home Information Packs (HIPS)

HIPs were first introduced by the Government in the summer of 2007 and are now a compulsory requirement for every property that is being placed on the market.

"All completed very efficiently with a friendly, approachable service."
Mr & Mrs Whittaker, clients of Shacklocks Nottinghamshire Property Team

Penalties will be imposed for anyone who tries to put their property up for sale without having a Home Information Pack.

The good news is that Shacklocks are HIP providers and will be happy to work with you to enable you to market your property.

The HIP itself contains a number of important pieces of information about the property that will be made available to the seller when they develop an interest in your home. The HIP will contain the results of searches and will provide other information about the property and what is being left in it along with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) which will give the buyer of the property an indication of the energy efficiency rating attaching to your property.

It is important that you contact us as soon as you have made a decision to put your property on the market so that we can discuss the assembly of your HIP and so we might also provide you with valuable input into your selection of estate agents.

Through having worked closely with fellow professionals in our localities for an extensive period of years we have a very clear view of the professionals whose services we would be happy to recommend and whose business ethos matches our own.

By involving us in the process at this early stage you may be able to secure the services of other leading professionals to work closely with us on this important transaction of yours.