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Managing the sales process – sit back and let Shacklocks do the lot

Part of our service to clients is to help them through the whole of their selling process from start to finish.

"First class service from the moment you walk through the doors. Be assured you will be my first port of call. "
Client of Shacklocks LLP

This means talking to you about the selection of your Estate Agent at the beginning of the process, the conduct of a speedy and pro-active conveyancing service during the transaction itself and the assessment of your other legal and financial requirements during the transaction. For example if you are selling a property and not buying somewhere else (perhaps you are renting or moving in with relatives) then you may need to discuss with us the most tax efficient means of investing your sales proceeds. We do of course have considerable expertise in investing lump sums of this kind and will be happy to show you how our independent fee-based investment service can not only improve on investment returns but save you money.

During the process we will also identify if there are other legal requirements such as the updating or making of Wills that might be relevant to you. If for example you are moving in with relatives or with a new partner we may need to look at the documentation relating to that relationship to ensure that your own investment in the property is going to be protected as far as possible.

A number of people offering conveyancing services now operate from call centres where you are allocated to a team of people who conduct the whole transaction by telephone or over the internet.

Whilst this is no doubt an attractive service for many we believe that a traditional face-to-face approach to the transaction where we pride ourselves on a locally-based service with immense local knowledge is still the preferred route for many clients. When combined with our expertise in other legal and financial areas we believe that we are ideally place to take the strain from your property transaction and to help you maintain your sanity whilst those about you are losing theirs!