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Options for joint owners

It may seem an obvious point to make but the way in which you hold your house and other assets can be the first building block in the way in which you plan your plan your legal and financial affairs.

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So far as your property is concerned couples owning property will need guidance on the best way to structure the joint ownership so as to create the greatest scope for estate planning and in particular the saving of tax and the preservation of the estate particularly if one of the parties suffers ill health in later life.

With regard to other assets issues such as income tax planning and the full use of your inheritance tax planning possibilities will be explored and providing you with detailed advice as to the way in which you should structure the ownership of your assets.

Where your assets in your sole name (whether they are property or investments) it is also important for us to consider with you the way in which the use of a trust can help in achieving your objectives whether they are family, financial or taxation in orientation.

We are happy to start any estate planning discussion by consideration of the asset ownership please get in touch.