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Who Will Inherit Your Estate?

When you are thinking about making a Will you need to decide who you would like to inherit your assets. This might sound obvious and indeed in many cases it is but there are some circumstances where you might not necessarily be clear about who is to benefit.

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One example of this might be where you have children from a previous relationship and you may need some help and advice from experienced professionals who have seen how other people have coped with this dilemma. It may be that you are unsure about whether to benefit your new partner at the expense of children who may now be financially independent or whether you want to keep assets within the blood line of your family particularly where your partner is financially secure or independent.

Similarly you may have concerns about leaving your assets to certain members of your family where for example they have vulnerability either through medical or mental impairment or disability of where they are likely to waste the assets if for example they are struggling with an addiction or similar difficulty.

Our experienced professionals will be able to provide you with appropriate support and guidance in those circumstances.