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Dignity in later years - respecting your wishes

In our later years incapacity might strike and can leave a number of people no longer able to manage their own affairs. The outcome of this will be a lack of control over the way in which they live their life’s after they have lost capacity.

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Until fairly recently there was very little that could be done to prepare for such an eventuality but the introduction of Lasting Powers of Attorney has meant that we are all now able to make more detailed preparations in case we lose capacity in later life.

By using a Lasting Power of Attorney you are now able to give directions that will enable your wishes to be carried out following the loss of capacity which will enable you to have had a significant amount of control not withstanding the loss of capacity.

The sort of points that can be covered within the Power can include directions as to the way in which you are dressed, the people that are allowed to visit you, your choice of the people providing care for you, stipulations as to your dietary requirements and full directions on issues relating to your health and wellbeing such as medical, optical and dentistry requirements.

Within the power we can also cover issues relating to your social activities to ensure that they are consistent with your wishes and that you are able to preserve dignity in this way. You might for example want to insert a direction that you spend a part of your time enjoying your garden and the outdoors as a break from the day to day care that you are receiving either in your home or elsewhere.

Respecting of religious beliefs and traditions, the continuation of family traditions and values are again all part of the preservation of dignity which we are very keen to promote through the use of these very important documents.

All of these issues can be covered in a properly documented and organised fashion through the use of a Lasting Power of Attorney and will provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your affairs in the event of the loss of your capacity will be managed in a way consistent with your wishes and views.

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