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Choosing Trustees

Choosing Trustees can be a difficult task particularly if you have no close family or if you have a desire to keep your legal and financial affairs separate from the family.

"I am very grateful for what you have done for me. You have been on the ball throughout whilst dealing with my needs."
Client of the Private Client team

At Shacklocks we are often appointed as Trustees and are normally happy to accept such appointments. Our role as the trusted advisor to countless numbers of individuals and business means that we have considerable experience in making the sort of decisions that Trustees need to make.

Many families like us to act in tandem with family members so that there is an independent Trustee with no financial interest in the subject matter working alongside someone who will have a strong knowledge of family backgrounds and individuals. That combination can be a very powerful means of ensuring that a Trust is managed in a strong and practical way and of course provides a degree of independence that would not be present where family members themselves represent the whole Trustee body.

Many families in fact like to appoint us as Trustees without involving family simply to ensure that goodwill and harmony within families can be promoted without relationships being tarnished by the sometimes difficult decisions that Trustees need to make.

If you would like to talk to us about appointing Shacklocks as Trustees of your Trust or becoming involved in the Trust decision making process please contact us so that one of our specialists Trust lawyers can discuss your concerns with you.