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Your relationships with your medical professionals

Having some control over your future medical treatment is a wish/aspiration for all of us. Giving clear and unambiguous directions to medical professionals can help to ensure that your wishes can be met as far as possible should the unthinkable happen.

"Was most helpful on all occasions, many thanks. I have been very happy with the level of service I have received both over the phone and when I have visited the office. Miss M. "

One of the tools at your disposal is a Living Will (sometimes described as an Advance Medical Directive (AMD)). Whereas your Will is the document that will determine what will happen to your assets after you die a Living Will is a series of rules that you will have created with our assistance which will be provided to your medical professionals. As an example of how this could be used it would allow medical professionals to cease providing artificial means of continuing your life in the event of your being in that situation. For many people the ability to remove the responsibility for decisions of that kind from the close family at a time of enormous distress is sufficient reason in itself for putting in place a Living Will.

As with any document of this kind having experienced professionals providing you with their input and understanding of the issue is vital. Our experts have years of experience and are on hand to ensure that when you call us to discuss Living Wills you will receive frank and straightforward advice on a very sensitive but important issue.