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Dealing with authority and challenging assessments

From time to time we all encounter resistance from official bodies with whom we have dealings. This can sometimes be a very demanding process and one which can be made much worse when the affairs of the elderly are involved.

If you are coming into contact with public bodies it may be that you require a ‘champion' to help look after your interests and to help in any battles that you may need to fight against authority.

As experienced solicitors we see the challenging of decisions made by public bodies as something to be faced with confidence. Our experience in this field will help to give you the confidence to know that you are not alone in your struggle against authority.

Typical areas where you might be glad of our support when faced with decisions from public authorities might include:

  • Financial assessments made by local authorities in relation to nursing and residential care fees
  • Decisions made by the NHS in refusing to accept responsibility for the care, costs of a person who is ill
  • Decisions made by financial institutions following a complaint that you have made to them

If you would like to find out how we can provide support to you in these difficult times please get in touch with us now.

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