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Passing on Assets

Often our fears and concerns motivate us to take action to do what we believe to be ‘the right thing’. Those fears might be about what will happen to our assets in the future. Such fears might be motivated by general concerns or because we have seen someone else (perhaps a relative, friend or neighbour) experiencing a difficulty that we would want to avoid.

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One common fear is about going into a nursing homes in the future for example. Many have seen others lose their home and savings and hope that this will not happen to them. Others might fear a son-in-law or daughter-in-law benefitting from ‘family’ assets (possibly at the expense of grand children) if a relationship goes wrong or someone dies.

Some people believe the solution might be in giving away their possessions to solve this dilemma. Whilst this might be suitable for them the chances are there are better ways of addressing these fears.

Having us carry out a structured review of your estate planning concerns will enable us to pinpoint the real problems that exist and to propose the most appropriate answers. Almost certainly this will give you at least one alternative to the ideas that you already had in mind.

Our estate planning review service is designed to give you the benefit of our legal and financial expertise and to enable us to share our many years of experience with you.