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Capital Gains Tax Advice

Although the majority of us will be unaffected by Capital Gains Tax during our lifetimes, for many this is a tax for which professionally based planning is required. Whether you are an investor in stocks and shares, a property investor, or simply someone who has inherited assets that you later sell there may be Capital Gains Tax consequences for which some planning needs to be provided.

Whilst there are Capital Gains Tax allowances recent legislation has meant that new ways of thinking need to be applied in order to provide the most effective Capital Gains Tax solutions. Our range of specialists are able to advise you on the effects of those changes and how best to re-organise your affairs accordingly.

For business proprietors retirement plans and business sale opportunities will always need to be structured with Capital Gains Tax implications in place and we are able to work alongside business owners in the lead up to those important transactions to ensure that we put in place the appropriate planning structures to minimise the impact of the CGT.