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The Shacklocks Family Trust

Over our many years of experience we at Shacklocks have identified many situations in which families need some assistance with putting their affairs in order.

We have seen many common themes over the years that have led us to develop our own Shacklocks Family Trust – a suite of legal documents designed specifically to help families looking to preserve their assets and keep them for the benefit of the family.

Typically the type of concerns that would lead many families to set up a Shacklocks Family Trust would be:

  • Saving Tax
  • Keeping assets within the blood line of the family
  • Protecting the interests of vulnerable family members
  • Preserving family assets if ill health or mental incapacity should strike in later years
  • Simplifying administration for the family if a loved one should die

Shacklocks Family Trust are available for all families. You do not have to be super wealthy to have a Family Trust and whilst images of stately homes and titled nobility tend to be conjured up when we talk of ‘Trusts’ the reality is that every day situations are perfectly suited to the use of Trusts.

If you would like to see how a Shacklocks Family Trust might help your family please get in touch with us.