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Keeping it in the Family

For many families there is a desire to ensure that assets seen as being ‘family’ assets should be preserved through the blood line. Whilst relationships with sons-in-law and daughters-in-law or other more remote family members might be strong there is nevertheless a desire to benefit blood relatives to the exclusion of others.

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In many families grandparents would like to ensure that their own children, their grandchildren benefit directly from gifts (made either during a lifetime or taking effect on death) so that the son-in-law or daughter-in-law or other partner never acquires ownership of the family assets.

This might be a concern about the stability of the relationship between their children and others or might simply be a concern about the consequences the death or insolvency of a son or daughter or their husband, wife or partner, a new relationship or a new marriage of a son or daughter and which may take ‘family’ assets away from the family and away from the grandchildren.

We have the various legal and financial tools and experience available to us to ensure that this situation can be catered for and to ensure that family assets remain within the family to the exclusion of others in circumstances where that is considered to be appropriate.