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Who will pay for your care?

The whole question of payments for nursing residential care continues to be topical and is constantly the subject of media coverage. At a time your family becomes involved in questions relating to the funding of care it is important to have experienced professionals helping to protect your position.

The process involved in the financial assessment of the elderly in relation to care can be a difficult process for those who have had no experience of it.

In particular it might seem a daunting prospect to challenge the decisions made by those administering the benefits.

If you would like our assistance in understanding the assessment process or in helping you through the assessment process or with a view to checking an assessment that has been made please contact us without delay as sometimes important time limits have to be met if your position is to be protected. Whether you are in the hands of the NHS or the Local Authority it is vital to know how the system works and what it means to you and your family.

Who do I Contact?

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