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Shacklocks Wealth Preserver solutions

We believe that at Shacklocks we have the ideal combination of legal and financial skills, experience and knowledge to enable us to offer cutting edge solutions for those who want to preserve their wealth and pass it to the next generation.

Our Wealth Preserver Solutions are part of our Inheritance Tax Planning service used to enable the damaging effects of Inheritance Tax to be avoided or at least reduced in their impact on the family’s wealth.

As a reminder, please take a look at our 'Inheritance Tax Planning Solutions'.

Our Wealth Preserver Solutions in respect of Inheritance Tax take the combined skills of our legal and financial teams and bring them together to provide a range of solutions designed to keep one step ahead of the Inheritance Tax game.

Our solutions often involve the fusing together of specialist investment vehicles with sophisticated yet effective Trust arrangements. For example, we have special solutions for cash investors who do not wish to take high level of investment risk but who wish to save Inheritance Tax. Those particular solutions also bring about immediate Inheritance Tax Savings without the investor having to survive for seven years. We also offer solutions for those who already hold investments. Many once they have met their objectives in terms of Capital Gains Tax or Inheritance Tax but, as priorities change, now need to meet a more pressing objective in terms of Inheritance Tax.

Talk to us now to see how we can help put in place Wealth Preserver Solutions to benefit you and your family.