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Identifying areas of risk and drawing up your action plan

For many people the single most important factor when looking to put their affairs in order is to ensure that ultimately they achieve ‘peace of mind’. For this reason we offer our Peace of Mind review under which we will look at your current financial and legal affairs from an independent standpoint and make recommendations to you on how best to improve your position.

As part of that review our first objective will be to identify areas where you are at risk. This might be for example the threat to your assets from Inheritance Tax or possibility the risk of future residential or nursing home fees requiring your house to be sold and your children’s inheritances lost. Equally that may be there is a risk to your family through your failing health in later life or through your premature death.

We will look at a number of issues of this kind and give you our no nonsense suggestions on how best to reduce those risks.

Over the years as you can imagine we have developed a number of solutions to what we see as being commonly experienced concerns and problems. Whilst your own concerns might appear to be insurmountable you can be sure that we have seen most circumstances before and will have some solutions and answers for you.

As part of our peace of mind review we will set out the action that we think you ought to take

Feel free to call us today to see how our Peace of Mind review can help in putting your affairs in order.