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Protecting your family

Whether you have young children needing a roof over their heads, food and clothing or whether you have children who are financially independent you will be keen to ensure they are protected in the event of your death or incapacity.

Whilst financial provision can never compensate for the loss of a parent, ensuring that mortgages and debts would be cleared on death and a lump sum or income left to provide for their essential well being is vital.

If a divorce or the breakdown of a relationship has left your children vulnerable in this way let us know and we will show you how protection and peace of mind can be achieved at relatively little cost.

Who do I Contact?

Marcella Kilbane, Associate Solicitor, Family Marcella Kilbane

Associate Solicitor, Family

Tel: 01773 822333

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Ben Stubbins, Partner, Family Ben Stubbins

Partner, Family

Tel: 01773 822333

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