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Choosing those who will manage your affairs

Making choices about who will manage your affairs in the event of you losing physical or mental capacity in the future can be a very important one.

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It is vital that you ensure that people who are chosen are people with your best interests at heart and who can be relied upon to carry out the legal duties in an appropriate manner.

For many people there will be obvious members of the family to whom they would want to turn in those circumstances. For others there might be a trusted friend or colleague and in many cases there will be a trusted professional such as the partners in Shacklocks to whom you would wish to delegate the power to help manage your affairs in the future.

When advising you on these issues we will ensure that all the appropriate choices are provided to you and will talk through the safeguards that we can build into the arrangements to ensure that the arrangements can be made as watertight as possible in the eventuality of your chosen representatives being called upon to act.

Talk to us today to see what choices are available to you.