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Business Assets and Divorce

There are very different considerations for couples who are divorcing and have a business as part of their overall assets than those who have simply been living together.

Within marriage, a business will always become part of the assets available for distribution upon divorce.

You may be a wife who has stayed at home and looked after the home and the children enabling your husband to develop the business for the benefit of the whole family. One of you may have worked in the business for no pay while the other has drawn all the income. Should you lose out because your contributions to the business have not been equal?

Have you been the one who has developed the business, perhaps from scratch and don’t want to lose it overnight because of unrealistic claims from your spouse?

Whether you have been actively involved in the business and wish to safeguard your position or you are a spouse who has taken a back seat in the business and wishes to ensure that you achieve a proper settlement our specialists deal only in this area of law and are ideally placed to help you resolve any dispute and allow you to move forward with your best interests at heart.

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