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Financial planning to support the children

When parents go their separate ways both they and any children will likely experience considerable change. It is possible that there will be a new home to move to and almost inevitably a change in income and other assets.

It may be that if you are the main carer for the children you wish to stay in the family home. You may need to raise funds in order to buy out the other parent’s interest in order to do so. Alternatively, you may have to sell your home and purchase another in your name. You may therefore require advice on the selection of the right kind of mortgage as well as help to legally transfer or buy the property. You may need to make important decisions regarding your investment portfolio or the best way to deal with a lump sum settlement that you have received for the benefit of the children.

There may be financial arrangements for the children that have an impact on you and you may need to know the best way to protect your position and theirs in respect of any payments that are going to be made. In all of these circumstances Shacklocks have the appropriate expertise and experience to enable us to work with you on a new financial plan to take into account your new circumstances. Please take advantage of that service if you find yourself in this position. It could be the best advice you have taken in launching the next chapter in your life.

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