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Financial support and responsibility for children

When a relationship breaks down there are important issues to consider relating to where and with whom the children will live in the future, how they are supported on a daily basis and how the cost of out of school activities and/or school fees will be met.

Whilst many couples are able to agree those arrangements between themselves inevitably there will be those who are unable to do so. Where there is a dispute it is important to have an early assessment of your legal and financial position from a professional who is both experienced and understanding and who is fully conversant with this area of law.

It might also be that you have formed a new relationship and you need to ensure that the financial aspects of that relationship and how they impact on the children start on the right legal and financial basis.

At Shacklocks our specialist team are on hand to ensure that if there is a disagreement over any of the arrangements these can be resolved with a minimum of dispute, ill feeling and with encouragement for both parties to put the best interests of the children first.

Who do I Contact?

Marcella Kilbane, Associate Solicitor, Family Marcella Kilbane

Associate Solicitor, Family

Tel: 01773 822333

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Ben Stubbins, Partner, Family Ben Stubbins

Partner, Family

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