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Arrangements for children on relationship breakdown

When a relationship breaks down it is extremely important to consider carefully the best way in which children can be protected from any potential conflict. Children are affected and can suffer a range of emotion including loss, anger and guilt. The effects of these emotions can however be greatly reduced if parents try and co-operate. It will be necessary to discuss and agree arrangements for their care.

When a relationship breaks down and there are children from the relationship there are a number of issues that may need to be dealt with. It is important that couples are assisted at an early stage in reaching agreement over issues relating to responsibility for making decisions in the future for those children, their support and care both in your life, and in the event of the untimely death of a parent and any home, its contents or other assets.

Our specialists in relationship breakdown and children at Shacklocks deal only with this area of law. They are not general practitioners and they therefore devote all of their energies to helping people in relationships. They know the answers to the difficult questions and they are able to provide clear and firm advice at a time when this is most needed. They can also refer in appropriate circumstances to specialists who can assist in resolving emotional and financial problems.

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