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A Different Approach:

At Shacklocks we are able to assist in resolving disputes in a variety of different ways. Not only can we offer the traditional process of reaching agreement using negotiating skills, we can also offer Collaborative Law or a referral to a Mediator.

Collaborative Law is a relatively new approach to resolving the various issues that arise when a relationship breaks down. It involves the couple involved meeting with their legal representatives in the same room. Several meetings take place during which the couple are able to discuss areas of concern with a view to finding shared solutions that suit their particular circumstances. In this way the couple are able to limit misunderstanding and ill feeling. If there are children involved arrangements can be agreed and put into place that will meet their needs.

It is also possible to refer you for Mediation. This approach enables a separating couple an opportunity to discuss with an independent mediator issues that have arisen as a result of their relationship breaking down. A mediator is not able to provide advice, however he or she can help a couple to explore any areas of conflict with a view to reaching an agreement that is then referred back to their respective solicitors for advice and implementation.

Where it is appropriate Mediation and Collaborative Law offer separating couples an opportunity to manage important decisions concerning their family thereby avoiding costly and protracted court proceedings and helping to minimise the pain of the relationship breakdown.

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Marcella Kilbane, Solicitor, Family Marcella Kilbane

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