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Preparing for the eventuality

Happily many of others will never lose mental capacity and will continue to manage our affairs independently for the remainder of our lives. However it is a fact that a substantial proportion of the population will in any year lose mental capacity in which circumstances their affairs will need to be managed by someone else.

With this in mind the law allows you to nominate trusted and responsible people to take on the role of managing your legal and financial affairs in the event that you lose mental capacity in the future.

Needless to say the time to make those arrangements is the time when you have capacity and ideally when you are fit and well. Once capacity has been lost it is no longer possible to put those documents into place at that stage.

By making these arrangements you are not only sparing your family and other loved ones considerable heart ache and inconvenience at what is already a difficult time. You will also be ensuring the control of your affairs rest much more firmly with those you have chosen rather than being in the hands of a public body as would otherwise be the case.

In order to make sure that your affairs are left in the most easily manageable form in the event of your future loss of mental capacity please contact us today so that we can show how our experience in this complex field can benefit you and those close to you.

As well as providing for mental incapacity it may be that you would simply like to put in place an arrangement under which someone else can help you with your affairs even though you still retain mental capacity. It may be that your health is suffering or you are slowing down or finding it more difficult to get around and carry out some of your day to day tasks. In those circumstances authorising someone else perhaps to collect your pension or help to run your bank account or carry out other financial transactions on your behalf can all be arranged through this same procedure. You have a number of choices and we will help you to make them.