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Inheritance Tax Planning

Investors have traditionally been very keen to invest in a way that reduces the impact of income tax and capital gains tax.

The popularity of ISAs (and their predecessors PEPS and TESSAS) owes much to this philosophy. Nowadays though we find that many investors reach a point in their life where this is a tax posing a far greater threat to their wealth – Inheritance Tax (IHT).

Charged at 40%, the effects of Inheritance Tax are much greater than the imposition of income tax on income or capital gains tax on profit are ever likely to create.

With this in mind we have a range of solutions we call our ‘Shacklocks Wealth Preservers' designed to produce innovative solutions for the investor with an Inheritance Tax problem.

Whether you are an equity-based investor, comfortable with risk and market fluctuations, or a cautious cash-based investor we can match an investment vehicle to a specifically designed trust to help you.

This combination provides you with not only an Inheritance Tax solution but also one giving you flexibility and options in the future regarding income, accessibility and that all important Emergency Fund. We can even save you income tax too!

These solutions can be the perfect answer to an Inheritance Tax regime that shows no sign of loosening its grip on a large part of middle England's wealth.

If you want to see how we can turn your taxable, at-risk portfolio into an Inheritance Tax friendly environment with flexibility to meet your future needs get in touch now and start the planning process. It's never too early to make a start.