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Second Generation Business

We understand that the second generation business faces its own challenges; how to balance growth of the business and the aspirations of the second generation with the financial expectations of the founder members.

We know that management of a business with a shareholding fragmented across generations of partners and families can be difficult.

At Shacklocks, we can help you get the balance right.

We can apply our unique combination of legal, financial, and commercial expertise to help you meet these challenges.

Shares may be part of a business sale or an important part of inheritance tax and estate planning. Business premises may be critical to the location of a business but may also be part of pension planning and retirement income. Your key employees may be your family or your managers. Their future will be different to yours. Their skills and their ideas may be different to yours.

Our team will work with you to help you secure the future of the business and the aspirations of the next generation as well as providing the founders of the business with the reward they deserve. Whether you are a founder of the business retiring or moving on, or the second generation, find out more about our unique service.

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