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Developing your business

We never cease to be impressed by the drive and ambition of our business clients when it comes to developing their business.

Each business is unique and whatever the route you take to develop your business whether it is by acquisition of another business, creating a subsidiary, the development of talent through the creation of a new management team, management buy-in, or fresh capital investment, Shacklocks can be a trusted adviser to you in managing and achieving your growth.

We have particular expertise in franchising, royalties, and licensing systems which help you repeat your business success in a manageable way whilst retaining control over your name and reputation.

We are able to advise teams in situations of management buy-out or buy-in and our business transaction solicitors work together to steer you through acquisitions and mergers where issues of property, valuations, indemnities, and employment are all key.

Who do I Contact?

Clare McShane, Partner, Employment and Litigation Clare McShane

Partner, Employment and Litigation

Tel: 01623 626141

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