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Safeguarding the elderly against financial abuse

Sadly it is not always the case that those who are entrusted to look after the financial affairs of a relative or friend carry out their duties. In some cases the behaviour is more extreme and can result in the inappropriate use of the assets and income of the older person.

Clearly in the majority of cases a very valuable contribution is made by those who help to look after the affairs of an older person but in the case of suspected abuse Shacklocks can help in putting in place safeguards to help reduce the likelihood of abuse before it starts.

We can also carry out regular audits of the activities of attorneys appointed under a Power of Attorney to ensure that both the person given the power and the attorneys themselves are all able to demonstrate that everything has been handled in a proper and straightforward manner to the satisfaction of all concerned.

We will be happy to discuss this topic further if you give us a call.