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Handling the sale

"Business conducted in friendly, respectful manner, which we had, is always a plus. Thank you."
Mr & Mrs G, clients of Shacklocks

We will be involved in the process from the earliest of stages. We will check basic issues relating to ownership and your ability to transfer assets to a buyer. We will identify an overall strategy for the handling of the deal and its structure and we will look for any potential stumbling blocks before they arise to devise a method of dealing with them.

As you would expect we will be heavily involved in the agreement of the terms of the sale and any heads of agreement that might need to be put in place along with all of the contractual documentation that goes with it.

We will provide you with specialist input on issues relating to restrictions and restraints, warranties or guarantees and any other issues associated with the transaction. Ultimately we will work with you through the completion process involving the transfer of the assets and the handing over of the purchase funds.

Up to and after completion our specialist financial colleagues will work with you in devising your own personal financial plan to assist you in the best management and investment of the wealth realised from the business sale.