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Helping you to find a buyer

A planned succession for your business may involve a sale to an external buyer or it may involve existing personnel from within the business.

We can help you with the process of finding the right buyer for your business and make sure that before any sale takes place the right structure is in place so that you get the greatest benefit from the sale.

Through our extensive knowledge base and contacts and through our membership of specialist organisations we are able to work with you and with other professionals in helping find the right buyer for your business. In any exercise of this kind we will always remember that you are our client and it is only to you that we owe our duties. You can therefore be sure that we are not going to be placed in a position of conflict of interest.

Where appropriate we can introduce you to specialist professionals who can work with us on the process. They may be people of whom you have never previously heard but who have the essential skills to provide a smooth and satisfactory conclusion to your transaction. Involving those professionals at an appropriate stage relies on our judgement and our knowledge of the market. We are very happy to share that knowledge with you in helping you to complete the process.