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Protecting your interests on sale

It can be nice to stay involved after you have passed your business on, and there are a variety of suggestions we can make to achieve that. But if you are planning a happy retirement, the last thing you will want is claims and issues arising following the sale of your business.

We will be there to make sure your interests are protected with good agreements and sound advice, whether you are selling the business to an outsider or passing it on to management or family.

Requirements of buyers and sellers throughout a business transaction may mean that you are subjected to obligations after you have transferred the business. This may relate to issues such as secrecy and customer contact or may involve you having given a warranty as to the state of the business.

Even the best negotiated of terms can still create scope for difficulties to arise after the event and you can therefore be assured that our commercial specialists will be on hand to support you through that time whether this relates to the contractual issues arising out of the deal itself or the defending or assertion of your position in any dispute that might arise.

By putting yourself in our hands you are giving yourself access to our wide range of specialists who will work as a team on your behalf to ensure that your interests are protected both before during and, very importantly, after the sale has taken place.