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In Care Homes or in Hospital

In the UK we are very fortunate to enjoy high standards of care both from nursing and residential homes and from hospitals. Those services are generally well managed and are subject to detailed regulation and scrutiny

Unfortunately as we know from the media there can be occasional lapses in standards for any number of reasons. This can be particularly worrying where neglect has occurred and where the patient or resident is elderly. We entrust our loved ones to the care of others in the hope and belief that they will be looked after and in most cases families have nothing but praise for the care given to their elderly relatives.

However, in those isolated cases where an elderly person has been neglected it is important that they have a champion who can support and represent them in any complaint or action they wish to take. Sometimes this will be the elderly person themselves but very often it will be the caring family who are distressed to observe the neglect that has taken place. This might have resulted in injury or illness or possibly the onset of a psychological condition. It might be related to medical treatment, food and drink or the care and assistance that has been received in helping them to carry out many of the activities of daily living.

If you or a relative believe that you have not been treated properly when entrusting yourself to the care of others please arrange to speak to us now so that we can assess the ways in which we can provide you with help and support.