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Accidents involving children

If your child has been involved in any type of accident you should ensure that advice is sought from a specialist such as ourselves with experience in handling claims on behalf of children.

Accidents involving children are often more complex because the child is still growing. Every possible angle needs to be examined to ensure that the child is fully compensated not only for the injuries sustained but to compensate against any conditions that may develop in the future.

Settlements achieved on behalf of children have to be approved by the Court, which gives you the added benefit that the compensation award is fair and reasonable. It will be of invaluable help if the claim is handled by a specialist fully conversant with this process. We have that expertise.

If your child has been involved in an accident, please arrange to speak to us now so that we can assess the ways in which we can provide you with help and support. Time limits in respect of claims brought on behalf of children differ so you need to contact us quickly.