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Sport injuries

Taking part in sport especially contact sport, carries with it a certain level of risk of injury. Injury can sometimes occur as part and parcel of the game and are not preventable. By agreeing to take part in contact sport, it is assumed that you are aware and accept that there is a risk of injury involved.

However, some injuries can be caused that are preventable or have been caused either intentionally or recklessly by another player’s behaviour. Referees or the person overseeing the sport may not fulfil their duty to ensure the foreseeable risk of injury is prevented.

Our main aim is always to ensure that not only will you receive the right amount of compensation but also to ensure that you receive funding for rehabilitation treatment in order to speed your recovery.

If you have been injured during contact sports, or indeed as a spectator, please arrange to speak to us now so that we can assess the ways in which we can provide you with help and support. You have a limited time in which to pursue a claim.