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Negligent Medical Professionals

We all put faith in health care professionals, be they doctors, nurses, dentists or opticians. However, on occasions, you or a relative may be subject to negligent treatment that falls below the standard of care that you should expect from a competent medical practitioner. We can help you whether this negligence was in the course of NHS or private treatment.

Treatment from your GP or Hospital

It could be that your medical advisor failed to adequately or promptly diagnose and treat your condition, there could have been prescription errors, you could have had an operation that has gone wrong or there could have been errors with the anaesthetics that were administered.  There is also a duty on medical practitioners to make sure they obtain adequate consent from your prior to carrying out any medical procedure, no matter how big or small.  In other words you could have a claim if there has been a failure to ensure you were advised of all the risks involved in undergoing the procedure prior to undergoing that procedure enabling you to make a fully informed decision. 

Dental Treatment

If you have suffered at the hands of a dentist then you may also be able to make a claim for situations such as delay in the diagnosis of oral cancer, the wrong tooth being removed, gum damage and issues with teeth straightening, whitening or braces. 

Treatment from Eye Care Specialists

You can also claim against your optician if he/she has been negligent.  Claims against opticians usually consist of either a failure to complete an appropriate examination resulting in misdiagnosing of an eye condition or a failure to provide appropriate treatment and/or prescription. 

Cosmetic Surgery

It could be that you have undergone cosmetic surgery and are less than happy with the results.  Some common problems are: you didn't receive enough information about the risks of the surgery, you have been left with infection, scarring, disfigurement or even nerve injury. 

How we can Help

The treatment you received by any of these health care professionals could be negligent and could result in you suffering additional injury as a result, which can sometimes be debilitating.  We may be able to help you obtain the compensation you need to give you the financial security needed to provide care for the rest of your life.  We can also help in the unfortunate event that a family member has died as a result of their treatment. 

If you believe that you, or someone close to you has not been treated properly by a healthcare professional, please arrange to speak to us so that we can assess the ways in which we can provide you with help and support or provide you with a 'Second Opinion'.  You only have a limited amount of time in which to pursue your claim.  It is important that you speak with us as soon as possible so as to assess when time starts to run.