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Investing in property

A growing number of people are now seeing property as an appropriate medium for investment and we act for a number of property investors and developers whose objects might be slightly different to those who are buying a home for their own residential use.

"We were very satisfied with all aspects of service received". "We were delighted with the service and outcome". "First class service from a top-notch solicitor. "Everything was excellent. Keep up the good work!."
Clients of Shacklocks LLP

A speedy transaction to secure the deal and attention to detail with an eye for issues that might be potentially raised on resale will all be priorities on your list when selecting your professionals to work with you on property investment.

Our ability to meet timescales has been an important factor in our success with a number of property investor clients and we would be delighted to hear from you if you are a property investor, whether you are increasing or downsizing your portfolio so that we may show you how our service has been tailored for people with your requirements.