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Protecting the family home on death or illness

Buying the family home is an exciting time and one where a lot of activity is involved over a matter of weeks.

"The service offered was generally excellent. We regard Shacklocks as our Solicitors and will use them as and when required."
Clients of Shacklocks Derbyshire Property Team

It is very easy to overlook the important part that protecting your family can have when you are buying your home with the aid of a mortgage.

Questions about what would happen in the event of one of the mortgage payers dying or becoming ill and unable to work must be faced at this time and it would be easy to make false economies and avoid taking appropriate steps to offer family protection.

Our independent advise here at Shacklocks means that we are happy to talk to you about this important issue in the earliest stages of your property acquisition so that we can ensure that any applications to protect have been fully processed by the time they are needed. Please therefore contact us if you are buying a house (even if we are not arranging your mortgage) to see how we can save you money on family protection through our unique independent service.