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Buying out your partner

"Myself and my partner were very impressed by the professionalism and commitment Fiona Moore and Helen Simpson gave to our purchase. They kept us very much informed and set expectations from the outset. We both feel Fiona and Helen are a credit to Shacklocks, and did a superb job for us."
Clients of Shacklocks Nottinghamshire Property Team

Where joint owners are going their separate ways there are important legal and financial considerations. The parting might be amicable (perhaps through two friends or colleagues sharing property ownership where one of them is now moving onto pastures news) or might be the result of a breakdown of a relationship (such as divorce, civil partnership breakdown or the ending of a relationship where two people have been living together). It is important to be aware of all of the consequences of the action you are proposing, whether you will be retaining ownership and buying out your former partners share or whether you will be receiving the proceeds from a sale.

It is essential that we document the process carefully and protect your interests. We will also ensure that you are aware of any wider issues that might be relevant to your circumstances such as for example the making of Wills, the provision of tax advice (if you specifically ask us to provide that) and the consideration of your next move whether as a buyer or a seller in your requirement for mortgages, independent investment advice or the documentation of contractual relationships with any new parties.

If you are in the process of considering a change of property ownership please contact us without delay as some expensive mistakes can be made in the early stages where proper legal advice is not obtained.