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Gifts to the family

Many people consult us about making a gift of property to another member of the family. The motivation behind such gifts is often varied.

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For some there is a desire to remove items from the estate whilst they are alive as part of their estate planning concerns. It may be that this is motivated by a desire to save tax, a concern about future nursing or care home fees or a wish to benefit the next generation at an early stage.

Often the motivation will be a little less obvious.

In all of these cases it is important that alternative strategies are also considered.

Making a gift to another person is a final act which can usually not be reversed. In many cases the ideal solution does not lie with an outright gift but the use of other legal mechanisms.

If you are therefore considering transferring the property to another member of the family please consult us at an early stage as we would like to give you the opportunity of considering the other options most of which are likely to be more suited to meeting your intentions and offer greater protection to the family as a whole.